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The Original System of the Yang (Yeung) Family Tai Chi Chuan

Our school has been operating since 1991.
Welcome to the website of the Brno school of the original system of the Yang family Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Ji Quan, Tai Gik Kuen Yeung family / Yeung Gar Tai Gik Kuen / Heung Gong Yeung Ga Taai Gik Kyun) as taught by the family line that is based in Hong Kong.

In 1949 Yang Sau-chung (Yeung Sau-chung, Yang Zhen-ming, Yang Shaozhong, Yang Shao-Chung, Yeung Shao-Chung; 楊守中 – 1910 – 1985), the eldest son of Master Yang Cheng-fu (Yang Zhao-qing, 楊澄甫 – 1883 – 1936), left the mainland China for Hong Kong which was then ruled by Great Britain, while his younger brothers – Yang Zhen-ji (1921 – 2007), Yang Zhen-duo (楊振鐸, born 1926) a Yang Zhen-guo (born 1928) stayed on the mainland. By this act the family as well as their teaching of Tai Ji Quan became separated for long decades and it is why we today distinguish different lineages of the Yang family.

Our kung fu (gong fu 功夫) school is connected to the lineage of Master Yang Sau-chung through his daughter Yang Ma-lee (born 1951) who teaches the complete system (as it was passed on to her by her father) to her three direct students – John Conroy (Rhode Island, USA, www.ritaichi.com), Jim Uglow (London, Great Britain, www.taichi.co.uk) and Joe Balthazar (Passadena, USA, www.cataichi.com).

Zdenek Kurfürst, teacher at the Brno school of the Yang family Tai Ji Quan, is a direct student of Jim Uglow Si-fu. Uglow Si-fu, started with training of the Yang family Tai Ji Quan in 1978 under the guidance of Chu King-hung (third disciple of Master Yang Sau-chung). Under his guidance, he studied for 10 years. Later he was also learning from Ip Tai-tak (Hong Kong, first disciple of Master Yang Sau-chung) and Chu Gin-soon (Boston, USA, second disciple of Master Yang Sau-chung). Since 1997, Uglow Si-fu is studying the complete system of the Yang family Tai Ji Quan under the guidance of Yang Ma-lee Si-fu, daughter of Master Yang Sau-chung.

The original fighting system of the Yang family was created by the brilliant Master Yang Lu-chan, surnamed Yang Wu-ti (Yang the Unsurpassed) who – just as all the following members of the Yang family – was never defeated in fight.

Traditionally, the complete training system was passed on only within the family. Teaching is based on direct oral transmission of knowledge from the teacher to the disciple. The informations cannot be found in books or on videotapes, as the aim is not commercial spread (and comminution), but exact and complete teaching. Direct line of teaching is essential.

There are no secrets in the Yang family Tai Ji Quan, just that this information is not available at every corner. The teaching is intended only for those who are seriously interested in the traditional system – with all that it brings. That means with the exact succession of individual exercises, forms, work with a partner, etc. Every next exercise is presented to the student only then, when he or she is ready for it.

If you are willing to first “empty your cup” and break free of all that you are imagining under the Yang family Tai Ji Quan, and start to study the traditional system of the Yang family, then you can find here what you are looking for.

The Program of Study

Here you can find some basic information is about the traditional family system as it is taught by Yang Ma-lee Si-fu, the head of the so called Hong-Kong branch of the Yang family. In the Hong-Kong branch of the family, both the large (Yang Cheng-fu) and the small (Yang Shao-hou) circle of Tai Jo of the Yang family were preserved.

The program includes the following elements (the provided list is not complete):

  1. Instructional form
  2. Loosening
  3. Double loosening
  4. Positive line
  5. How to use a negative
  6. Free passage


I teach the exact system which it is passed to me – without any changes or adjustments. Teaching is passes on gradually, according to the tradition of the Yang family, and it includes information which Master Yang Sau-chung passed on to his daughters and to his three Disciples Ip Tai-tak, Chu Gin-soon and Chu King-hung.

Training timetable for beginners: Tuesday and Thursday – 17:30 – 19:15

Suitable clothing and shoes: Any clothes which allows you to move freely is suitable.

Important Note:
Classes are conducted in Czech, but there is also an option of private classes conducted in English or Russian.
Private classes can be held any time during the day according to your schedule or preferences. If you are interested in private classes, contact me via e-mail or call me to: +420 608 711 933.

Where do you find us in Brno:
Since September 2006, we practice at a location in Tkalcovská 3a, Brno.
Here, we have our own gym by ourselves. To the school, you can arrive by trams 2, 4, 9 (from Hlavní nádraží), the name of the stop is Tkalcovská. You can also come here by car and park there.
You can see the basic orientation on the photographs bellow.